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I’m Back!

Ahem.  So maybe I took a longer blogging break than I originally anticipated.  I feel a little sheepish, really, especially given the number of comments and emails to which I still have not yet responded.  I’m sorry, and I’ll do my best to catch up.  Please be patient with me.   

I must say, though, the time off has been refreshing and BUSY.  Here’s the run-down (for those of you who know me and care): First, the Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix.  Then, frantic studying and paper-writing.  Finals.  Highlights (in my hair).  Graduation.  Graduation party.  Three-week visit from mother-in-law.  Christmas in the mountains of New Mexico.  Decision to put house on market.  Frantic cleaning and organizing.  Reading of fluff.  Much, much fluff.  Plans for a non-fluff book club.  Much domesticity.  Assume role of church nursery coordinator.  More cleaning and organizing.  Discover I’m allergic to my dogs.  Contact Golden Retriever rescue organization.  Tears.  And relief.

Did you get all that?  Yes, life is changing rapidly.  House, dogs, and minivan are all soon to be gone.  Hopefully, we’ll move into the heart of the city in a few months.  Rice Village and the Heights look good.  We want to rent a duplex or bungalow.  History, charm, and tiny bathrooms, here we come!

In the midst of everything else, J has expressed increasingly interest in pursuing an MBA at Rice.  It might prove to be a fascinating turn events.  Now I can support him through school.  That is, I can support him emotionally.  J’s company will pay 90%, which is particularly great given that Rice’s MBA costs–get this–$84,000!  What’s up with that?!

We were rather hoping to get an overseas assignment, but we probably need to wait for another few years.  <sigh>  I’m still sniffling a little over the now-discarded Cairo idea. 

For myself, I’ve returned to my first love, literature.  Yes, I nutrition fascinates me, but it doesn’t feed my soul the way great books do.  My sorrow over the end of my education has been quite a revelation.  Never discuss the nuances of Jamesian psychological Realism again?  Inconceivable!  So I’m looking into grad programs in English, though my prospects aren’t great–at least not locally.  The good schools around here don’t offer MAs; you have to go straight for the Ph.D.  As a woman who wants children before the age of 33, I don’t think a Ph.D. makes a lot of sense for me in the immediate future.  Maybe some day.  Thus, my love of literature will have to live on in the form of book clubs and readings for now.

So.  Now you know where I’ve been.  But you still have no idea what I’ve been eating.  That information will come over the next few weeks.  First, I’ll share a recipe for a fabulous gluten-free carrot cake I baked for Christmas.  It was amazing!  After that, who knows?  I shall write as the spirit leads…


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